Our History


1992 -

Passionate about service and lighting, our founder and current commercial director, Karen Mannheim, decides to pursue a career in this field in her native country of Peru. She begins developing lighting projects utilizing imported items from Trazzo Colombia, the company that introduced her to the world of illumination and supplied her with ample experience.

1994 -

Trazzo opens its first office in Lima’s Surquillo district. Located in the building of the family-owned company AGP (American Glass Products), the office provides space for product display and client interaction.


The Trazzo team begins to grow as it counts with over six employees, responsible for administrative, technical, and sales positions. Our salesperson Teresa Nuñez joins the company, where she continues to work to this day.

1999 -

Trazzo relocates to Los Libertadores 274 in San Isidro, an elegant and upper-class Lima neighborhood. Over 200m2 of exhibition space shows off Trazzo’s potential.

2000 -

The Trazzo store showcases to architects and designers at an event that includes the artwork of Rhony Alhalel and the decorative lighting of Isamu Noguchi.

2001 -

Organizational changes take place as a result of Karen’s husband, Alejandro Arrarte, joining the team as General Manager. To this day, the couple continues to work together.


Less than 10 years since Karen started the company and her Trazzo team has grown to include over thirty employees.

2004 -

Trazzo obtains the representation of iGuzzini and Lutron Electronics, a leader in architectural lighting and lighting control systems. This is just the beginning of a very significant year for Trazzo.

Casacor, recognized as the largest and most complete architecture, interior and landscaping design exhibition in the Americas, is sponsored by Trazzo. More than 30 ambiences are illuminated (compared to 10 spaces in previous years).

Valeria, the first daughter of Karen, is born.

2008 -

With experience in technology and electronics gained through the installation and design of more than 40
homes and offices with Lutron Electronics systems, Trazzo launches ZUONO. The new brand allows the team to venture into Audio and Home Theater systems for residential buildings, integrating horizontally, and
consolidating the company’s presence in Peru’s most luxurious homes.


A new division of Trazzo Home is launched, importing original and representative Italian brands such as Driade and Rausch. For the design and implementation of home theaters, THX certification is obtained.

2010 -

Trazzo opens a new store on La Mar Avenue in Miraflores, one of the most popular districts in  Lima. A display area of over 500m2 is used to display its Home line, which includes Trazzo Home.

2011 -

The company’s sales of Lutron products reach the Platinum level, one of the highest levels for Latin America and the Caribbean.


With the rise of home automation, Trazzo merges its technology, audio, and control brands to form Trazzo Smart.
Trazzo Smart represents the prestigious brand of home automation in Peru, Savant Systems.


Trazzo selects the prestigious German brand SAP to develop its first ERP


Trazzo consolidates in the automation area having implemented more than 400 lighting control systems
and shades projects, 200 audio projects and 60 home theater projects.

2021 -

After the pandemic and the emergence of a political crisis in Peru, Trazzo USA is formed in Miami. Taking advantage of the boost in this city and Karen’s expertise in lighting, Trazzo USA begins working closely with a number of interior designers and general contractors, allowing us to reach this key market

2022 -

Trazzo decides to unify its three brands in a single image, in a single T.
Using the building on La Mar Avenue in Miraflores as its commercial headquarters, Trazzo Peru is now able to unite in a single commercial location the products that architects, interior designers, and clients are most interested in.
Trazzo USA strengthens its presence by opening a project office in the Miami area.